Q. Who are we?

A. Nobody special.

We are an ordinary family, in an ordinary house, in ordinary suburbia. Until now, we have routinely bought plastic bottles of hand wash, plastic punnets of soft fruit, and brushed our teeth with a plastic electric toothbrush. We have two ordinary children who are thrilled by plasticky toys, plasticky bags of crisps, in fact just about any type of brightly coloured plasticky tat. They love it. The tackier the better. But what our little cherubs don’t know is the big plasticky problem that is lurking in the depths of our planet.

Last year, the exponentially worsening state of disposable plastic in the oceans, beaches and rivers, was brought to the attention of the people all over the world. Whole beaches engulfed in plastic bottles, sea creatures in a mess. Eight million tonnes of plastic enter our seas every year, and that’s not including everything going into the land. Most of our freshwater rivers have been found to have rising levels of micro plastics swishing around in them, polluting our wildlife, our food sources, and probably ourselves. What sort of rubbish (literally) world are we leaving for our children? And our children’s children? If things carry on the way they are, future generations are well and truly stuffed.

What are we going to do about it?

Try, really hard (or at least a little bit hard) to live like better humans. This is going to be difficult and inconvenient, and possibly a right pain in the whatsit. But if everybody tries at least a little bit, the cumulative effect could be huge. If everyone in the UK, the next time they were offered a plastic straw, said “no thanks, just this ONE time I won’t have a straw“… that would be 60 million less straws going into the land or sea, never to break down in our lifetimes. If everyone did it. Once.

So here’s my little blog, sharing our own beginner’s journey on trying to live without quite so much plastic. A little bit more… unplasticky.

If you like this, then please share… if every person can even convince just one more friend to change their habits, we’ll be on our way to a better future.

Our journey so far…

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