1. The Milk Man


Or milk lady. Or milk person.

A couple of weeks ago on my way to work, I was sat at the traffic lights behind a milk float. Pretty sure the last time I saw a milk float in action was as a teenager several decades ago, stuck behind one, making me late for school. A fuzzy nostalgia came over me as I glanced at the funny electric vehicle bumbling along, probably making everyone else late. The shiny words Milk & More gleaming through the morning light.

In my enthusiasm to reduce our plastic consumption, I looked up the Milk & More website, readily signing us up for a one-off delivery of a pint of organic semi-skimmed from ‘Paul’ the local milk man for a couple of days time. I felt the need to do this as a ‘tester’, in case the whole thing was some kind of weird scam. I mean, I paid 85p for 1 pint of milk and they were seriously going to deliver it for free by 7am? Really? Even amazon prime makes you buy the cheaper things as an ‘add-on’ to get free delivery.

But sure enough, Saturday morning, there was my shiny glass bottle of milk. Sat on the paving slabs just inside our back gate, where I asked for it to be dropped off. Brilliant! It was like Santa had been or something. Some odd kind of renewable milk-santa. Or Paul. Ok it was probably Paul.

Anyway, satisfied that it was not a hoax, I ordered a regular Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday delivery of a pint each. The empty bottles that I left out on delivery days magically disappeared, with any luck to be re-used. A week or so later, still pleased with this fun new game, my dear husband pointed out that was a waste of delivery journey for them, delivering just one pint so I have since changed it to two pints every Tuesday and two every Saturday for extra coffees and emergency pancakes.

We don’t feel financially burdened by this slight increase in milk cost, and there is definitely something fun about the whole thing. So this one is definitely a win for us.

Milkman 1 – supermarket 0.

Yeah, bring it on.


If you like this then please share… if every person can even convince just one more friend to change their habits, we’ll be on our way to a better future.


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