Simple habit changes

For busy people who want to create less waste for future generations, protect the planet and protect our food chain from irreparable pollution.

Can Un-Plasticky be Fantasticky?

We are an ordinary family, in an ordinary house, in ordinary suburbia. We are busy working parents with rarely any time, let alone sanity. What can we mere mortals do to help prevent there really being more plastic than fish in the sea by the time our six-year-old is in her thirties?

These are the very simple steps we have taken so far, when our journey to un-plasticking our lives started just three months ago. We have honestly hardly noticed the impact on our lives, or even our pockets, but the impact on our bin has been astonishing.

Thank you for taking a look.

If you like this, then please share… if every person can even convince just one more friend to change their habits, we’ll be on our way to a better future.

Our journey so far…

  1. The Milk Man
  2. The Doggie Dooley
  3. Shopping for Veggies
  4. Strawless, Absolutely Strawless
  5. 5 ways less plastic can save money
  6. Coffee addict’s guide to drinking responsibly
  7. Plastic free picnic ideas
  8. Plastic free gifts for kids
  9. Recyclable plastics: which ones are which?
  10. Quick plastic-less dinner winners
  11. Home-made alcoholic ice lollies
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